Huitt­-Zollars Wins ACEC California's Engineering Excellence Award 


Huitt­-Zollars was recently awarded ACEC California's 2017 Engineering Excellence Award for the Trancas Creek and Lagoon Feasibility Study project conducted for the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains (RCDSMM). This prestigious award recognizes engineering firms and projects that demonstrate an exceptional degree of innovation, complexity, achievement, and value.

During the 1960’s, a two­-section 2,000-­foot concrete lined channel was added to Trancas Creek for flood control purposes. Time demonstrated that the concrete channels, drought-driven low water levels, and a road crossing culvert create significant fish barriers and negative impacts to the life cycle of natural creek and lagoon resources. The project goal of the Feasibility Study focused on assessing the removal of fish passage barriers and improving habitat for endangered aquatic species; specifically the endangered Southern California steelhead trout, the Western Snowy Plover (a bird), and the tidewater goby (a fish) that all call Trancas Creek and Lagoon home.

The City of Malibu has shown strong interest in the long-term success of restoring Trancas Creek and Lagoon into healthy natural resources; thus, RCDSMM utilized the feasibility study to support an additional grant intended to advance restoration design.

Congratulations Kevin Carter, Ken Hughes, Chuck Manning, Russell Hansen, Jeff Lenherr, David Mackey, Rob Armstrong, and Barbara Madkins for their efforts on this win!