Weir Pump Research and Development Facility

Weir Pump Research and Development Facility | Fort Worth, Texas
Client: Weir SPM

Weir SPM manufactures reciprocating plunger pumps used in hydraulic fracturing for the oil and gas industry, along with other essential ancillary upstream and downstream equipment. The Research and Development (R&D) facility tests prototype frac pumps at operating conditions ranging from real-life to extreme such as high fluid pressures, high temperatures, and with various additives and contaminants. Huitt-Zollars provided architectural and engineering services to create the Weir SPM R&D Facility. The project included renovating the west half of an existing building to include test areas, assembly/trial areas, wash and inspection areas, control and equipment rooms, and a customer service center. An attached addition housed the R&D’s facility process equipment. Working closely with Weir production engineers Huitt-Zollars developed some of the process system used to test the prototype pumps. This close collaboration resulted in a facility with large ranges of adjustability that can adapt to industry trends and allow Weir to continue to be innovators in their industry.

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