Drainage Facilities & Studies, MCAS Yuma

Drainage Facilities & Studies | Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona
Client: MCAS Yuma/NAVFAC Southwest

Huitt-Zollars has provided drainage work associated with improvements and expansion of Marine Corps Air Station, in Yuma, Arizona, which is a joint use airport with Yuma International Airport. Drainage analysis and design included storm water retention basins in the infield between Taxiway I and Runway 17/35, between Taxiway A and 8/26, and at the intersection of Runways 8/26 and 17/35 at MCAS Yuma, Ordinance Access Roads Phases 1 and 2 and the entry road to the Cannon Air Defense Complex. Each project included calculation of contributing runoff, determination of retention basin size, design of airfield grading plans, earthwork calculations, and design of grading plans for the excess earthwork disposal area, and construction documents and specifications.

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