DTRA Various Building Renovations

DTRA Various Building Renovations | Kirtland AFB, NM
Client: Kirtland Air Force Base

Huitt-Zollars provided A-E services for renovations to Buildings 20362 and 20364 and the installation of elevators in Buildings 20362, 20363, and 20364. All buildings are located with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) campus on Kirtland's east area. The renovation projects were to two similar three-story 50-year old former barracks. The renovations provided new finishes throughout, including new acoustic ceilings, lighting, painting and carpet. Code deficiencies and safety issues were also addressed in the renovations. New fire alarm systems, rated doors and partitions, smoke detectors, etc. were designed to meet USAF, UBC and NEPA code and safety requirements. New phone and data lines and outlets were also included in the project. The Headquarters Suite required a completely new layout to accommodate the change in command. A new HVAC system was installed in the suite as well as a large conference/classroom meeting current USAF security and A/V requirements. New toilet rooms, offices and support spaces were also provided.

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