1301 Fannin

1301 Fannin Lobby | Houston, Texas
Client: Griffin Partners

Located in downtown Houston, 1301 Fannin serves as a major data center and corporate office environment for one of the world's leading oil and gas companies. Morris, a Huitt-Zollars company, was tasked with adding a new level of excitement to the lobby space, originally built in 1983, and creating a building site that speaks to the neighborhood's new urban development. The addition of street side planters and brick pavers that reflect the downtown district's sidewalk motif creates a scaled down pedestrian walkway. A steel and glass canopy invites passersby into the dynamic interior. LED infused resin panels glow with a rolling light show, while bamboo panels soften the aesthetic of the building's original design. The demolished soffits and angled build-outs make way for an offset pattern of frameless recessed light fixtures in the sleek drop ceiling. The new lobby design noticeably attests to the fact that the building is an advanced technology hub.div>