Financial Company Office Space

Financial Company Office Space | Beaumont, Texas
Client: Leading Financial Institution

In 2004, a small, spunky Beaumont based e-commerce start-up was established to help brands and entrepreneurs succeed online. Merging with a leading financial institution in 2014, this group soon became one of the most robust and feature rich platforms in the e-commerce industry. The design team was challenged with creating an office for this out-of-the-box start-up and linking them to a more refined corporate culture with established brand standards. The design for their space showcases their quirky, fun-loving community and is an invaluable tool in their efforts to recruit and retain new talent from other parts of the country. Morris, a Huitt-Zollars company, developed a design concept based on summer camp to drive the thought process and materials for this unique workplace. Raw twine ropes define circulation paths, reclaimed wood planks create transparent meeting “cabins”, while a central fort, outfitted with “canon” windows, serves as an idea-generating war room.