Fort Bliss Trail System & Landscape Architecture

Fort Bliss Trail System & Landscape Architecture | El Paso, Texas
Client: United States Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District

Huitt-Zollars provided landscape architecture and designed a trail system as part of the Fort Bliss expansion program.  A key objective was to improve overall design quality for buildings and their surroundings and to make the desert environment more hospitable through extensive use of shade trees and shade structures over long exposed stretches of walks and trails.  Elements included hike and bike trail / pedestrian walkway; physical training trail; pedestrian and traffic circulation plan; tree, shrub and ground cover layout; retaining wall design; design of natural recovery areas; canopy design and urban design elements; lighting design and layout for pedestrian and courtyard areas; drip irrigation system for planted areas; courtyard design; and entry design for Headquarters and Company Operations buildings.