Sustainable Landscape & Irrigation at Love Field Airport

Sustainable Landscape & Irrigation at Love Field Airport | Dallas, Texas
Client: Southwest Airlines/City of Dallas

The landscape and irrigation design at Love Field was developed as one component of the overall reconstruction of Love Field. The sustainable, low maintenance native landscape provides visitors and residents a vibrant and aesthetically positive impression of the City of Dallas. Many landscape components are an extension of architectural design and public art, intended to connect the interiors to the outdoor environment. Project decisions supported LEED certification through the selection of low maintenance native plant materials coupled with a weather-based computer-controlled-new-drip irrigation system. Evapotranspiration rates are monitored by weather sensors and analyzed by the controller, resulting in a highly efficient water monitoring and distribution system. Incorporating the native and adaptive species, along with the implementation of the drip irrigation system and the weather based controller, produces results that achieve an estimated 62% reduction in potable water use.