Parque Amazonia

Parque Amazônia Update | Belem, Brazil
Client: Associação Commercial do Pará

Huitt-Zollars is providing an update to the master plan for Parque Amazônia near the city of Belém, Brazil. The purpose of the project is to increase environmental awareness and the worldwide importance of the Amazon ecosystem as well as bolster ecotourism to the State of Pará. The original master plan was completed by the Orlando office in 2006, but the implementation was halted as the state government re-assessed its overall land use priorities in 2007 and 2008.

The new scope includes updating the masterplan and program to ensure continued sustainability, incorporate adjacent state park development, coordinate with other newly protected lands, integrate updated and new venues into the program, work with Brazilian economic analysts to ensure the viability and economic sustainability of the development, and work with the state’s environmental group to ensure the masterplan encompasses all environmental local, state, and national regulations.

Award of Honor, American Society of Landscape Architects (2006)
Design Award of Honor, Society of American Registered Architects (2006)
Award of Honor, American Society of Landscape Architects Florida Chapter (2003)