Clear Lake Second Outlet Gated Structure Improvements


Clear Lake Second Outlet Channel and Gated Structure | Houston, Texas
Client: Harris County Flood Control District

Huitt-Zollars prepared the construction documents for improvements to the 141-foot-wide Gated Structure at the Clear Lake Second Outlet. The gated structure and outlet channel were designed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Improvements to the structure included new safety ladders; replacement of the gate screw-top stem covers with expandable covers; replacement of the gates’ sacrificial anode cathodic protection system; a new hoist system atop the structure; additional galvanized steel grating cat-walk atop the structure; gates and railing. Improvements also included a new operator’s control building which allows remote operation of the six gates without having to climb to the top of the structure. The building consists of an operators room, generator room, restroom and an auto-transfer switch, motor control center and instrument panel. Harris County Flood Control District retained Huitt-Zollars to perform on-site construction management on these projects.

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