Maintenance of Federally Assisted Channels


Maintenance of Federally Assisted Channels | Harris County, Texas
Client: Harris County Flood Control District

Huitt-Zollars is providing engineering and construction phase services for the Maintenance of Federally Assisted Channels. These flood control, navigational, and coastal protection facilities were originally constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Galveston District. Annually, as well as after significant rainfall events, Huitt-Zollars conducts an in-depth condition assessment inspection. Deficiencies are digitally photographed and categorized according to priority of the repair. Ultimately submitted to USACE, a comprehensive status report is prepared and used to execute annual maintenance repairs based on available budgets. Huitt-Zollars also prepares construction drawings, technical specifications, and cost estimates for the repair of deficiencies and provides construction management services.

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