North Service Center Storm Water Quality Facilities

North Service Center Storm Water Quality Facilities | Harris County, Texas
Client: Harris County Flood Control District

The North Service Center complex includes a two-story administration building, a 200-person pavilion, a maintenance facility, a distribution warehouse, fueling and wash facilities, parking, landscaping, berms, and a significant storm water quality feature. The entire 22-acre tract was hydraulically designed to surface drain through and be naturally filtered by a series of cascading sedimentation ponds, grassy swales, vegetated filter strips, natural filtering, constructed wetland areas into a dual purpose polishing, and detention pond. An outlet structure was engineered with a vent pipe drilled with holes to ensure the requirements for treating the first half-inch rainfall prior to allowing it to flow into the adjacent off-site storm sewer system. Huitt-Zollars prepared the program, schematic design, design development, and construction documents; performed the bidding and full-time construction management services; prepared the Storm Water Quality Plan (SWQ) and secured the SWQ Permit from Harris County, Texas; and prepared the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Notice of Intent to obtain the construction permit required by Texas Pollution Discharge Elimination System.

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