Beto Carrero Master Plan 2026

Beto Carrero World, located in southern Brazil, is the largest theme park in Latin America. The theme park was under pressure to expand due to a growing park attendance and needed to solve several transportation and service issues as well as have a logical plan in place to accommodate future attractions and expand its capacity.

Beto Carrero World owns extensive property extending from its current park over a mountain range down to the Atlantic Ocean, which is home to hundreds of acres of first-growth Atlantic forest. Because much of the expansion area on the ocean side of the mountain would be difficult and costly to build on, the expansion plans prioritized this area for a lower density high-end beach resort and smaller remote eco-lodge accommodations.

The primary focus of the expansion for increased visitor capacity was on the landside of the mountains adjacent to the existing park. The new planned construction includes a waterfront retail district, connectivity between the theme park and the water park, an East Village future retail/ dining/ entertainment development, and improved parking distribution. Also included is an expansion of the F1 Racing facility as well as the zoological gardens.

Beto Carrero Master Plan 2026
Penha, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Beto Carrero World