North Operations Battery Electric (BEB) Yard

As part of their Zero Emission Electric Bus Initiative, CapMetro partnered with Huitt-Zollars to design the infrastructure needed to introduce and house the Agency’s new and growing fleet of electric buses. The new North Operations battery electric bus (BEB) yard is able to support charging capacity for nearly 200 electric buses. The bus yard layout and underground conduit were designed for maximum flexibility and are able to accommodate any bus/charger configuration that CMTA chooses to test or implement. This allows the Agency to add transformers, chargers, and other equipment as buses are procured. 

As the new electric buses are introduced into the bus fleet, diesel buses are being phased out. The new buses reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions, thus improving air quality throughout the city and minimizing negative impact on the environment. The buses also provide a quieter ride for passengers than diesel buses while also minimizing noise in the community along the bus routes. 

BEB operators frequently design facilities around a single bus and charger system, so the design of CapMetro’s North Operations battery electric bus (BEB) yard is unique. It provides the flexibility for CMTA to add a variety of electric buses to their fleet as well as the scalability to accommodate a growing electric fleet.

North Operations Battery Electric (BEB) Yard
Capital Metro

Engineering Excellence Awards - Gold Medal Winner, Transportation Category, American Council of Engineering Companies, Texas, (ACEC TX) (2022)