Phoenix Sky Harbor Taxiway C Infill and Connector

This project includes the construction of 2,170 linear feet of Taxiway C to infill from Taxiway C at Taxiway C3 easterly to Taxiway C at Taxiway C4. Also included was the construction of asphalt concrete aircraft parking aprons totaling approximately 50,000 SY. Connector Taxiway C4 is a new connector taxiway between Taxiway B and project Taxiway C West Infill. The new connector taxiway will facilitate use of the high speed exit from Runway 8-26. It will provide an increase in safety and capacity and increased width to serve large aircraft like the B-777 as well as Group VI aircraft like the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Taxiway C Infill and Connector
City of Phoenix, Aviation Department

Engineering Excellence Honor Award; ACEC Arizona Engineering Excellence Awards (2010)