HBU STEM and Nursing Building

Houston Baptist University’s Cullen Science Center renovation (47,000 SF) and new additions (59,000 SF) will house the College of Science & Engineering (COSE) and the School of Nursing & Allied Health (SoNAH). 

Two new building fronts and a three-story addition provide a showpiece in the existing campus context.  Modernizing the existing Cullen Science Center with large open glazed areas and a new transparent addition will put science on display and become a new focal point for HBU’s main quad. Careful alterations to existing exterior corridors bring activity, filtered light and interior volume to a currently unused weathered space. With the future demolition of adjacent buildings in the long term masterplan, this building is intended to become a stepping stone to future architecture along the university’s expanded quad.

The new facility will increase instructional capabilities with state of the art science and engineering laboratories, nursing skills labs/ simulation environment, and a makerspace capstone design lab. Open collaboration areas and informal student spaces, which are currently lacking on campus, are distributed generously throughout, emphasizing student gathering, and facilitate learning outside of the classroom.

Click here for the AIA Houston Design Award Submittal.

HBU STEM and Nursing Building
Houston Baptist University

AIA Houston “On the Boards” Award (2020)