Renfro Foods Distribution Warehouse Addition

Renfro Foods, a renowned food producer with 80+ years of history, partnered with Huitt-Zollars and J.A. Jackson Construction to expand their Fort Worth warehouse. The project added a 9,629 SF warehouse extension and a 2,961 SF two-level interior space within the existing warehouse. The interior space houses employee facilities and meets strict food service design standards.

The warehouse extension used a matching pre-engineered metal building system, and extensive property entitlement work was performed, including right-of-way adjustments. The architecture aligns with the existing structure, featuring pre-finished ribbed metal wall panels in beige and deep red eave trim.

Site work included stormwater drainage improvements, parking relocation, and landscaping to meet municipal requirements. Approvals were obtained from the Fort Worth Near-Southside Overlay District Architectural Review Board and the Fort Worth Urban Design Council. Construction was coordinated with neighborhood infrastructure redevelopment and utility connections. Stella Street was closed and is now owned by Renfro Foods

Renfro Foods Distribution Warehouse Addition
Fort Worth
Renfro Foods