Checkpoint Feasibility Study

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Huitt-Zollars was contracted by DHS (through the USACE) to provide a feasibility study focused on site selection for checkpoints in Vermont and New York. A Space Needs document was prepared to define the functions and operating characteristics of the checkpoint to establish the amount of building space and site acreage required for the facility. Strategic considerations were defined to establish a north and south limit to the search area. Initial site selection criteria for the length of straight road and the USGS maps were utilized to identify potential sites along Interstates 87, 98, and 91. There were five sites on I87, 28 sites on I89, and 31 sites on I91 identified with sufficient length of straight road. The final checkpoint site selection criteria included strategic limits, highway engineering for safety, land availability, environmental, and development opportunity including utilities availability, topography, estimated costs, and jurisdictional approvals.

Checkpoint Feasibility Study
Vermont and New York
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District / DHS Vermont & New York Sectors