Allen Drive Roundabouts

Huitt-Zollars led the Schematic as well as Plans, Specifications, and Estimate design effort for the reconfiguration of the interchange of Allen Drive at US 75 from existing all-way stops into unique teardrop roundabouts creating a signature gateway for the City of Allen. The intersection was identified as a local priority by Allen City Council in 2018 due to growing traffic volumes, increased pedestrian use, and expectations for future development in downtown Allen. After a lengthy review process, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) approved the proposed design in 2021.

This project included complicated multiphase TCP, complex Openroads 3D Model, and incorporation of many aesthetic elements. Additionally, Huitt-Zollars led the design coordination between TxDOT and the City of Allen developing solutions to keep the project on track and working closely with TxDOT Environmental to address concerns and move the project to letting.

Allen Drive Roundabouts
City of Allen

2023 Project of the Year, Transportation less than $5 million - APWA Texas Chapter

2023 Top 10 Road Awards, #10 - Roads & Bridges Magazine