North White Chapel Boulevard Widening

The North White Chapel Boulevard Widening Project was initially approved in 2008 as part of the Southlake 2030 Master Mobility Plan to improve safety and mobility and is the largest roadway reconstruction project that the City has ever undertaken. Huitt-Zollars was the prime engineering design consultant responsible for the final design plans and specifications for the reconstruction of 4,000 LF of North White Chapel Boulevard from Emerald Boulevard to south of Highland Street. Construction for the project was completed in mid-2022 with a construction cost of $14 million.

Bachman Recreation Center

Huitt-Zollars was engaged for the architectural and engineering design and consulting services for the renovation of the Bachman Recreation Center in Dallas. This project is a facility condition assessment update which included a program of prioritized needs such as A/E services for the interior renovation. These services included schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration along with the study of reconfiguration of interior spaces as well as replacement of finishes.

Caruth Park Underground Detention

The City of University Park, Texas, has been experiencing frequent flooding impacting different parts of the city. Huitt-Zollars was hired by the City to develop a Stormwater Master Plan for the Upper Turtle Creek Basin A. The Stormwater Master Plan divided the basin into three areas of interest. This particular project is the first phase of the University Park Storm Drain Replacement project, which addresses the first area of interest.  

State Wide Architecture As-Built Survey - Phase 1 Pilot Program

TxDOT is undertaking a program to update and modernize its facilities asset portfolio of nearly 400 facilities for use in future renovations and maintenance projects. As part of a pilot program, Huitt-Zollars was selected by TxDOT to provide architectural as-built digital scan surveys (virtual reality capture) and spatial Revit BIM modeling of three TxDOT campuses, encompassing 33 buildings and approximately 175,000 square feet. Services included acquiring, modeling, and incorporating information into the State’s facility management database.

North Operations Battery Electric (BEB) Yard

As part of their Zero Emission Electric Bus Initiative, CapMetro partnered with Huitt-Zollars to design the infrastructure needed to introduce and house the Agency’s new and growing fleet of electric buses. The new North Operations battery electric bus (BEB) yard is able to support charging capacity for nearly 200 electric buses. The bus yard layout and underground conduit were designed for maximum flexibility and are able to accommodate any bus/charger configuration that CMTA chooses to test or implement.

Stormwater Master Plan - Upper Turtle Creek Basin A

Huitt-Zollars developed a Stormwater Master Plan for Upper Turtle Creek Basin A within the City of University Park, Texas. The study area includes approximately 510 acres and drains into Turtle Creek. The master plan included analysis and assessment of existing storm drain system performance and provided proposed improvement recommendations. Proposed improvements included storm drain upgrades and incorporation of four detention systems to mitigate impacts to downstream properties.

TxDOT Statewide H&H IDIQ

Huitt-Zollars was selected by TxDOT to address hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) needs across the state. For the first work authorization, scour analyses were completed for twenty bridges in the Tyler District. The delivered scour reports and documentation are being used to set the standard for analyses across the state. The second work authorization is currently in progress and includes an IH-10 corridor hydraulic study in the Beaumont District.

Brazos River Bank Erosion Study

Due to the accelerated erosion of the banks of the Brazos River throughout Fort Bend County from the significant rain events in May 2015, April 2016, and Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Huitt-Zollars was contracted by the Fort Bend County Drainage District to investigate, analyze, model, and develop probable construction costs to address bank erosion at critical sites along 89 miles of the Brazos River through Fort Bend County, Texas.

Caruth Park Underground Detention

A comprehensive Master Drainage Study prepared for the City of University Park indicated the need for temporary detention to help reducing flooding within certain areas of the city. With the lack of available space for a surface detention facility, Huitt-Zollars designed an underground detention system inside a popular City park. The facility is capable of providing 11.7 acre-feet of storage and is located under the park’s soccer field.